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Based in São Paulo, JCG FILMES offers a full-service model for producing content. We have in our portfolio TV, Web and Cinema. We are visual storytellers who believe that creativity shouldn’t have any boundaries. Whether it’s discovering new and improved ways to market your brand or innovating in a growing technological era, we have the coordinates for each successful project launch.

The TV Show Cultura & Design, on TV Cultura, which is in its fourth season, taking the TV production to a cinematic level . With a different language and perspective of the market  bringing a soul to your project.
JCG Filmes was the first cinema studio to produce a film and a video clip entirely in 8k in South AmericaIn addition to creating and developing scripts and author content internally.

We currently have the state-of-the-art equipment used in the production of feature films, at an affordable cost, in addition to teams in Brazil, Canada, Germany and the USA. 

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